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A 3D strategy game where you learn programming
For many people, shooting is what makes something interesting. And if something is interesting, they will learn more. The attention we paid to the weapon system in CeeBot4 was accordingly high.

c4spider-s.jpgFighting against giant insects

Fighting against giant insects serves as training for the great showdown. The first exercises are more of simple target shooting. In more advanced exercises, the insects will fight back and use the terrain for coverage.

The great showdown

As soon as your programming skills are at top level, you can start challenging your friends in tactical or strategic arenas. Fighting in tactical arenas is about shooting on target and avoiding enemy fire. Fighting in strategic arenas requires also taking strategic decisions about the balance between exploiting natural resources and building up your arms industry. As soon as your programs are ready, you can lean back and watch how you robots achieve victory or get blown up.

Last Updated ( Friday, 05 September 2008 )
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