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A programming course for middle and high schools
At the ICT-Department of the HTL Innsbruck Anichstrasse, an exercise series has been developped and published as a schoolbook for teaching at middle and high school level.

ceebot4.jpgThe program

CeeBot4 SCHOOL is based on CeeBot4. It features an additional exercise series which has been developped and tested in a vocational high school. CeeBot4 SCHOOL is sold as a site license, so that for a modest price you can install it on all the computers on your campus, and give the STUDENTS version to all your students.

schulbuch.jpgThe worksheets

Hands-on on the computer are important when learning programming. However, writing programs does not leave many traces which are important for in-depth understanding of the concepts. Theoretical concepts can be better explained and tested on paper than on the screen. The schoolbook consists mainly in dozens of worksheets, and a language reference.
Teachers in Austria or Alto Adige can download the solutions here.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 06 June 2010 )
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